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Learn – Grow – Get Certified™


Growing People

Fostering continuous growth is crucial for both individual success and organizational advancement. Improving employee people skills, leadership skills, and technical skills generates increased productivity and job satisfaction. Employers reap the benefits of a stronger team, have higher retention rates, and attract better talent.

Digital Learning

On-demand digital learning subscription for professional development.


Credentialed training programs for project managers and estimators.

Premium & Certification Courses

Level up your game! Specialized training that increases your skillset.

Dynamic Learning Options

Where you are in control


Self-paced learning that provides you the flexibility to learn in your own time, at your own speed, and on your own schedule. The training is directed by you and not the instructor.

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning provides the best of both worlds by combining approaches such as E-Learning and Live Training. You get to remain in control and still have access and support from instructors.

Live Training

Live training are events that are held at a specific time and delivered by a live instructor, in real-time. Examples include in-person, virtual (or remote), online, and webinars.

Learn – Grow – Get Certified™

Gain instant credibility and show you are a Subject Matter Expert with the industry’s first Estimator, Project Manager, and Project Coordinator certifications. Learn vital skills directly related to your role and gain the knowledge, experience, and skills you need to perform at your best.

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