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Learn – Grow – Lead


Your profitability hinges on having the right people, the right training, and processes in place.

We deliver Training, Leadership, and Coaching (TLC) plans based on the three major functions of business: Operations, Finance and Administration, and Sales & Marketing. Our focus is for you and your business to succeed. Our plans are affordable and priced, so you receive a Return on Investment (ROI) with a 4 to 5 multiple. 

Trifecta Leadership Essentials Program

Group Training

Great leadership is the cornerstone of any successful organization. Trifecta’s Leadership Essentials Program is a foundational program that equips participants with the essential tools to inspire, motivate, and lead teams effectively. By focusing on self-awareness, communication, collaboration, and strategic thinking, this program sets the stage for continuous leadership development and success.

The program is delivered through live group training online via Zoom. Training consists of interactive sessions, case studies, and group discussions. 

Enhanced Leadership Skills

Acquire foundational leadership skills to lead with confidence and effectiveness.

Improved Team Dynamics

Foster positive team dynamics and collaboration.

Career Advancement

Position yourself for career growth and advancement by developing essential leadership capabilities.

Trifecta Leadership Excellence Program

Individual Coaching

Elevate your leadership journey with our Leadership Excellence 1:1 Coaching Program. Tailored for individuals seeking personalized and targeted development, this program offers a unique opportunity to work closely with an experienced leadership coach. Designed specifically for newly promoted leaders taking charge of a team or department. 

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, participants will explore their leadership strengths, address specific challenges, and cultivate the skills needed to excel in their roles. This program is ideal for executives, mid-level managers, and professionals committed to reaching their full leadership potential.

Personalized Leadership Development

Receive targeted coaching tailored to individual leadership strengths and growth areas.

Accelerated Learning

Expedite leadership skill development through focused and intensive coaching sessions.

Confidence and Competence

Gain the confidence and competence to lead effectively in complex and dynamic environments.

Restoration Operating System™ (ROS) Coaching

Get Your Roadmap

If your leadership team lacks alignment or does not have a strategic plan (road map) to meet the company’s vision and expectations, then, Trifecta’s Restoration Operating System™ (ROS), guides your team to developing a strategy to tame the day-to-day chaos, set an obtainable path, and breakthrough to the next level. Once the system is established, the company thrives with processes and procedures, improved productivity, and increased profit margins.

Public Speaking

Rod Cruce is a master at connecting the dots for others. As a Special Forces Green Beret and Ranger, he leveraged a unique skill set composed of leadership, strategy, and problem solving which influences others to embrace change and achieve successful outcomes. He correlates his business success to unique strands of DNA found within many Green Berets. DNA that incorporates a series of core values and cognitive skill set that produces adaptive leaders that win the hearts and minds of others and provide outstanding results during adversity and insurmountable odds. Rod will inspire your audience to overcome their challenges, have a positive and “can do” attitude, and buy in to the company vision.

Project Management

Your success hinges on effective project management.

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