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Resolving Conflict at Work

Every organization faces conflicts now and then; some more than others. Miscommunication, disagreements, and misunderstandings are inevitable, but when they are not resolved immediately, they lead to workplace issues that spread negative vibes throughout that can be toxic.

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Team Dynamics for Leaders

When done right, working together and being part of a team drives success for both an individual and an organization. When a team grows and learns, so does an organization’s ability to be agile and create value for their customers, but you can’t simply put a group of people into a room and expect miracles to happen.

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Restoration Estimator Training – The Accurate Estimator

Finding a quality Estimator is HARD. Really HARD! Just ask any Project Manager who receives an inaccurate estimate. Our fast-pace, 14 hour, flagship project estimating training course, The Accurate Estimator™ serves a critical role within the restoration industry, estimators play a pivotal role in assessing damages, determining costs, and creating comprehensive project proposals.

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Learn on your time! 17 micro-learning video series just for you.

Trifecta’s Project Management Tools & Techniques micro-learning video series is designed to generate awareness and understanding in mid-level managers and team members of over 100 popular tools and techniques used to manage projects. There are a total of 17 videos that range from 4 to 7 minutes to allow for smaller learning bursts that drive large results.

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Project Managers are a Linchpin™ Can you be one for your company?

Designed to easily equip Restoration & Construction Project Managers and their teams with the knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen careers. This expertly tailored curriculum will teach you all the necessary project mgmt terminology, principals, key concepts, and critical information to create a project plan customized for this industry.

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Build Your Battle Rythym: Tame Your Daily Chaos!

There are 24 hours in each of our days, so how come is it that some of us seem to get a heck of a lot more done in those 24 hours than others? In the Build Your Battle Rhythm Course, you will learn a routine driven approach to time management, so that you can get the most out of your own 24 hours, and stop feeling like time is passing you by.

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