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Learn – Grow – Get Certified™

Restoration Certifications

Learn – Grow – Get Certified™

Gain instant credibility and show you are a Subject Matter Expert with the restoration industry’s first Estimator, Project Manager, and Project Coordinator certifications. Learn vital skills directly related to your role and gain the knowledge, experience, and skills you need to perform at your best.

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Non-degree Work Credentialing Certification Program

Trifecta’s “Restoration Certification Program” is a professional, non-degree, work credentialling program geared toward individuals and organizations within the restoration and construction industries. The goal of the program to is provide the necessary skillset, knowledge, confidence, and creditability to allow organizations to capitalize on their true value proposition of Project Management Integration. 

Trifecta’s Certification Program provides mid-level managers and project teams with the ability to mitigate chaos, demonstrate accountability, and become more productive on projects. This ultimately drives efficiency and effectiveness which allows external growth and increased profitability.

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Become a Certified Firm In Project Management

Trifecta’s “Restoration Project Management Firm Certification” recognizes companies that are dedicated to implementing a project management framework and formally training their project team. Companies are eligible to become a Certified Firm when they have at least one project team consisting of a Project Manager, Project Coordinator, and Estimator who have been awarded a certification in their respective field.  

The certification will be reevaluated each year to ensure the company maintains a certified project team. Upon validation, the company will retain its certification. Trifecta Growth Institute is the certifying organization and maintains a database of all certified individuals and organizations.

Showcase your company’s expertise with a Certified Firm badge when you have at least one certified person in each of the available certification categories.