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Restoration Estimator® Certification


Certification Overview

Trifecta’s Restoration Estimator Certification is designed to establish credentials for those individuals working in the estimation field. Our Estimator certifications demonstrate to employers, customers, and colleagues that you possess the knowledge, experience, and skills to write a detailed scope of work for insurance claims and their projects.

(FYI, this is not an Xactimate Training Course)


Junior Estimator < 2 years experience
Senior Estimator > 2 years experience

Who It’s For
(Eligibility Criteria)

New or seasoned estimators

Project Managers looking to expand their skill set

Individuals looking to work in the Restoration Industry

Timeline to

Most people will complete within 6 – 9 months

Path To Certification

To become an Industry Certified Restoration Estimator® you must complete a 40-hour curriculum, pass all exams with an 80% or better score, engage in a capstone project demonstrating your ability to write an estimate, and verify you have estimated projects. Your time in the industry, the number, and scope of projects managed will determine if they receive a Junior- or Senior Estimator Certification.

Each course is designed to stand alone, so you can level up the skills you need most now. 


*Total of 40 hours of training

Practical Application Testing

Individuals must apply for certification upon completion of all training, passing of exam(s), submission of capstone project, and experience verification.


Restoration Project Coordinator® Certification

Trifecta’s Restoration Project Coordinator® Certification is designed to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to be part of a project support team.

Restoration Project Manager®

Trifecta’s Restoration Project Manager® Certification is designed to establish credentials for those individuals working as a project manager in the construction and restoration industry.