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Training, Leadership, and Coaching (TLC)

We deliver Training, Leadership, and Coaching (TLC) plans based on the three major functions of business: Sales & Marketing, Operations, and Finance and Administration. Our focus is for you and your business to succeed. Our plans are affordable and priced, so you receive a Return on Investment (ROI) with a 4 to 5 multiple. Keep scrolling to view our training, leadership, and coaching plans.

Training Courses and Workshops

Trifecta Growth Institute offers Project Management Training courses, workshops, and developmental programs designed to educate owners, general managers, project managers, and team members. These courses enable effective project management skills which increase your company’s job profitability. We also offer customizable project management workshops, coaching plans, and organization development to target specific problem areas. Click here to take our free project manager and company project management gap assessment.

Project Management Training

This is a must-have course if you are working within the restoration, construction, defense, or aerospace industries. A five-day course focused on project management concepts and how to incorporate them into company operations at all levels. Recommended for owners, general managers, executive leadership, project managers, and your project team. More  (add the following – Finish the course and get the sound footing you need to take your company to the next level. Each participant receives 40 hours of project management training which also satisfies PMI’s requirement to take the PMP certification exam if desired. Click here to see additional workshops or to request a custom workshop.

Project Manager Workshop

A three-day hands-on workshop focused on helping project managers plan out projects and set up performance baselines for scope, budget, and scheduling, while incorporating quality. This course is focused on the project manager and project team. A must-have course if you are a project manager working in the restoration or construction industries. We recommend taking this workshop after taking Trifecta’s 5-day Project Management Training course. More (add the following – Learn how to run out projects, how to incorporate the project team to completing necessary tasks, get a sense of satisfaction and understanding the project is laid out and resourced completely.

Leadership and Business Coaching Programs

Trifecta offers a variety of leadership development and coaching plans focused on helping companies grow their revenue, increase profits, and provide a positive and thriving culture. These plans range from being strategically focused in repairing one side of the business triangle to a full transformation when necessary. Our plans can be 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month in duration. We also have Special Plans for specific requirements, or we can create a plug and play or customizable plan that fits with your budget and time available.

Public Speaking

Rod Cruce is a master at connecting the dots for others. As a Special Forces Green Beret and Ranger, he leveraged a unique skill set composed of leadership, strategy, and problem solving which influences others to embrace change and achieve successful outcomes. He correlates his business success to unique strands of DNA found within many Green Berets. DNA that incorporates a series of core values and cognitive skill set that produces adaptive leaders that win the hearts and minds of others and provide outstanding results during adversity and insurmountable odds. Rod will inspire your audience to overcome their challenges, have a positive and “can do” attitude, and buy in to the company vision.

Additional workshops can be developed based on your specific needs. Workshops can be ½ day, full day, or multiple days. Workshops are focused to working with your team to achieve business goals and perspectives. Allows the team to get on the same sheet of music. Below are the 10 most popular.

  • Vision and Core Values
  • Goal Setting – 1-year; 3-year picture; and 10-year target
  • Company Basics – the business triangle and the 6-componensts of every business
  • Creating Options – Solving Problems – Understanding Root Cause Analysis
  • 360 Performance – Leading from every direction
  • How to run a “Productive” production meeting
  • SWOT Analysis (Company and Individual)
  • Supplier / Vendor / Subcontractor Analysis
  • What’s my Value Proposition
  • Who’s my Customer and Why

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