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I purchased a failing restoration business and took it from the bottom 5% to Top 200 in 15 months. I can help you do the same.

We believe in Growing Businesses by Growing People!

We accomplish this by creating subject matter experts and optimizing operations with a proven framework.

I started Trifecta to help others fix, grow or capitalize on their company faster, using the exact model and strategic thinking I’ve used to thrive as a Green Beret and to revive under-performing businesses.

So you’re free to spend your time on what matters. If you’re anything like me, it’s family dinners, golf, skydiving, skiing, and riding motorcycles.


Pull the right growth triggers at the right time.

Process Improvement & Optimization Coaching

Unlock Your potential

Does your business struggle with efficiency and productivity? 

Internal optimization, the process of enhancing efficiency, productivity, and collaboration within, is a catalyst for transformative growth. Growth that increases the organization’s bottom line! It is the quickest way to increase the value of a company and set it up to take on more business. 

We’ll help you streamline processes, cultivate a culture of collaboration, develop a plan for employee professional development and engagement, and set data-driven decision-making to mention a few features that will skyrocket your operations.

TPA Improvement Initiative

Become a Top Performer

Restoration contractors are constantly seeking ways to enhance their performance on TPA programs to achieve Top Performer Status and recognition, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and sustained success. 

Trifecta’s TPA Improvement Initiative is dedicated to partnering with restoration contractors whose performance has fallen below expectations or for those who want to enhance their TPA performance systematically and achieve Top Performer status.

Working with TPAs can be a great fit for some contractors. For others, this may start out great and then become a huge vulnerability if your performance does not measure up to their standards. We can help. Contact us today to learn more.

Project Management Framework Implementation Program

Build Your Foundation

Implementing a project management framework is a strategic decision that can propel your organization toward increased efficiency, improved collaboration, and successful project outcomes that lead to increased profitability. Our Project Management Framework Implementation Program is designed to guide your team through this transformative process, providing expert support and insights at every step.

Our Program is designed to equip individuals and teams with the skills and knowledge needed to implement a robust project management framework. We provide personalized coaching to enhance project delivery, improve collaboration, and ensure the successful execution of initiatives.

New Product/Market Launch

Increase Revenue

In a competitive business landscape, the ability to innovate and explore new avenues for revenue generation is critical for sustainable growth. Our Business Coaching for Revenue Growth through New Product or Market Expansion is designed to empower businesses to strategically navigate the challenges of introducing new products or entering untapped markets. This coaching program provides tailored guidance to leaders and teams, facilitating the development and execution of successful strategies for revenue enhancement.

The Transformation

Turn around your STruggling Business

Transforming a failing business requires strategic vision, resilience, and a commitment to change. Whether you have a cash flow problem, having a hard time closing jobs, constantly dealing with problem after problem, or have no idea why your business is failing, this specialized coaching service offers tailored guidance to address specific challenges and drive meaningful change within your organization.

The truth is, there can be a multitude of reasons why the business is struggling. Our Founder, Rod Cruce has firsthand experience of turning around struggling businesses. Did you know that he bought a failing restoration business and had to make payroll the week before he closed the deal? Then, just six months later, the company became profitable. Nine months after that, they were named a Top Performer.

If you are asking yourself, “How did he do that?”, then give us a call or schedule a free consultation to learn how Trifecta can help you. 

Restoration Operating System™ (ROS) Coaching

Get Your Roadmap

If your leadership team lacks alignment or does not have a strategic plan (road map) to meet the company’s vision and expectations, then, Trifecta’s Restoration Operating System™ (ROS), guides your team to developing a strategy to tame the day-to-day chaos, set an obtainable path, and breakthrough to the next level. Once the system is established, the company thrives with processes and procedures, improved productivity, and increased profit margins.

Customized Workshops

Additional workshops can be developed based on your specific needs. Workshops can be ½ day, full day, or multiple days. Workshops are focused on working with your team to achieve business goals and perspectives. Allows the team to get on the same sheet of music. Below are the 10 most popular.

  • Vision and Core Values
  • Goal Setting – 1-year; 3-year picture; and 10-year target
  • Company Basics – the business triangle and the 6-components of every business
  • Creating Options – Solving Problems – Understanding Root Cause Analysis
  • 360 Performance – Leading from every direction
  • How to run a “Productive” production meeting
  • SWOT Analysis (Company and Individual)
  • Supplier / Vendor / Subcontractor Analysis
  • What’s my Value Proposition
  • Who’s my Customer and Why

Give us a call today for your FREE 30-MINUTE DISCOVERY CALL so we can determine if we can help. We offer viable and proven strategies, tools, techniques, and processes that eliminate challenges and difficult situations allowing your business to experience increased growth, consistent cash flow, and superior profits.

Project Management

Your success hinges on effective project management.

We literally wrote the book on it.
Get your free copy today.