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Restoration Operating System (ROS)


Does your leadership team lack alignment? Does your company have a strategic plan (road map) to meet your owner’s or executive team’s vision and expectations? IF NOT, Trifecta’s Restoration Operating SystemTM (ROS) guides your team to developing a strategy to tame the day-to-day chaos, set an obtainable path, and breakthrough to the next level. Once the system is established, the company thrives with processes and procedures, improved productivity, and increased profit margins.

Trifecta’s Restoration Operating SystemTM (ROS) encompasses onsite leadership development with an experienced coach that guides the team through six key elements of business that must be nested together to grow. The journey encompasses three distinct phases: Clarify – Command – Catapult.

  • Phase I – Clarify allows the team to get clarity on the business and includes three days of onsite leadership development.
  • Phase II – Command is when the leadership team starts to control and manage the company’s internal position and celebrate victories. This phase includes one day onsite per quarter to review quarterly progress, and develop an annual strategy for the following year.
  • Phase III – Catapult is when the team accelerates and breaks through barriers that has held them back in the past.

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ROS Objectives

  • Transform the company’s vision to provide leadership guidance (road map) that aligns everyone to travel in the same direction.
  • Realign the leadership team so it is cohesive, confident, decisive, effective, and resilient to support the company vision.
  • Ignite a culture of discipline and accountability.
  • Fabricate a framework that gives focus for efficiency throughout the functions of business such as, marketing, sales, operations, finance, and administration.
  • Employ Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and operational metrics (Scorecard) that evaluate the company performance.
  • Create a collaborative environment that is transparent, positive, and one that promotes healthy conflict that solves issues and allows the company to thrive.
  • Transcend the team’s performance to welcome challenges and exceed expectations.
  • Apply a set of business tools that allows the company to conduct their operations efficiently and effectively.

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