Project Managers are a Linchpin™ Can you be one for your company?

Calendar shows available training courses that are currently scheduled. If these dates do not work and you would like to schedule training for your team, please email us at or give us a call at (720) 996-0394.

# Start Date Event Name Price Action
1 May 2, 2024 The Linchpin™ Project Management Training Crse $1,299.00 Sign Up
2 August 1, 2024 The Linchpin™ Project Management Training Crse $1,299.00 Sign Up
3 October 10, 2024 The Linchpin™ Project Management Training Crse $1,299.00 Sign Up

Training is delivered 1 day a week over a 3-week period so you can sustain operations!

As a project manager, have you ever asked someone “Why do we do it this way?” If so, were you told, “Because we’ve always done this way“? The sad truth is, those words can be dangerous, expensive, and crippling to an organization.

Our fast-pace, 20 hour, flagship project management training course, The Linchpin™, is designed to equip you with the knowledge to catapult your career to new heights and your company to increased profitability. You will learn the necessary project management principles, concepts, tools, and techniques to create a deep understanding of project management and how to identify incorrect procedures that must be changed.

Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Stakeholder Mgmt
  • Scope Mgmt
  • Schedule Mgmt
  • Cost Mgmt
  • Quality Assurance
  • Leading & Building Teams
  • Resource Mgmt
  • Identifying Risks
  • Effective Communication

Start your journey today to getting a Restoration Project Manager Certification™ so you gain a competitive advantage over your peers, enhance your credibility as a subject matter expert, and increase your earning potential.

*Restoration Warrior Workshop™ is taken immediately following to learn how to implement the tools and techniques learned in this course.