Understanding and Assessing Team Dynamics for Leaders

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1 April 23, 2024 Team Dynamics for Leaders $299.00 Sign Up
2 July 16, 2024 Team Dynamics for Leaders $299.00 Sign Up

Every team goes through natural stages of progression which affects their performance and effectiveness. As a leader, you must be able to recognize team dynamics and where your team is in the development stage process. The ability to understand Why things are happening is a crucial soft skills for you to provide impactful leadership.

Participants will learn,

  • The framework for a team’s stages of development
  • How to identify the team’s current stage of development
  • Understanding how to manage group dynamics and build effective teams
  • Leadership skills to deal with team members who challenge your authority or management style
  • Tools and techniques to navigate and lead through the chaos of team development
  • Develop strategies to help teams become more productive and successful
  • Insights to what works and what does not work when managing teams

*This course is a required course to earn your Estimator, Project Manager, or Project Coordinator Certification.