Hard time collecting payments? Learn strategies that work!


Collecting debt is never enjoyable, but must be done! Being equipped with the right strategies is key and time is of the essence. To help you recover as much debt revenue as possible, we have developed this workshop which outlines proactive approaches to get the money in the door. Walk away with the knowledge to establish your company’s process and procedures.

Topics covered

  • – Why customers don’t pay
  • – Reading Indicators
  • – Understanding Terms and Conditions
  • – Collecting Information – the right information
  • – How to be proactive versus reactive
  • – Proven Collection Tools and Techniques
  • – Escalation Notification examples and timeline
  • – Payment alternatives
  • – Overview of Lien Notice Laws and timing
  • – When to walk away

# Start Date Event Name Price Action
1 June 6, 2023 Collection Debt Strategies $299.00 Sign Up
2 July 11, 2023 Collection Debt Strategies $299.00 Sign Up