Buy-Sell Agreement Smart Funding – Are you covered? Free Course!


Having an amazing business partner has it’s advantages! Having their spouse, children or someone else meddle in your business MAY NOT! That is exactly what could happen if you don’t put a Buy-Sell Agreement in place as an exit strategy for drastic situations.

What’s even WORSE? Forgetting or failing to fund the Buy-Sell Agreement. It is like having the winning numbers of a lottery ticket but forgetting to play. Don’t let this happen to you.

Join us for a 1-hour discussion on learning about the importance, the setup, and how to fund a Buy-Sell smartly!

Topics covered

  • – Importance of a Buy-Sell Agreement
  • – Set up of a Buy-Sell Agreement
  • – Benefits of a Buy-Sell Agreement
  • – Business Worth drives structure and funding
  • – How to craft a cost- and tax-efficient funding strategy
  • – Getting Peace of Mind

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1 June 19, 2023 Buy-Sell Agreements Smart Funding Free Sign Up