An Accurate Estimator™ is Amazing! Interested in Amazing?

Calendar shows available training courses that are currently scheduled. If these dates do not work and you would like to schedule training for your team, please email us at or give us a call at (720) 996-0394.

# Start Date Event Name Price Action
1 April 18, 2024 Estimator Training $999.00 Sign Up
2 September 3, 2024 Estimator Training $999.00 Sign Up

Training is delivered 1 day a week over a 2-week period so you can sustain operations.

Finding a quality Estimator is HARD. Really HARD! Just ask any Project Manager who receives an inaccurate estimate or has to explain to their customer something was missed during the takeoff/collection phase.

Our fast-pace, 16 hour, flagship project estimating training course, The Accurate Estimator™, is designed to equip you with the knowledge and procedures to capture the scope and be an effective member of the project team by setting up those executing the job. You will learn a logical method to estimating which will increase accuracy, define scope, and ensure quality estimates are produced time after time/time and time again.

Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Intro to Estimating
  • Preparation – Getting set up for success
  • Selling the Job – setting expectations
  • Collecting quality takeoffs with Confidence
  • Estimate Writing for Understanding
  • Working with Reviewers and Adjusters
  • Getting the Approval
  • Supporting Operations
  • Estimate Hand-off

Start your journey today to getting a Restoration Estimator Certification™ so you gain a competitive advantage over your peers, enhance your credibility as a subject matter expert, and increase your earning potential.

*Highly recommend taking our Restoration Rainmaker™ Workshop immediately following this course to lock in the procedures.