Rod Cruce Bio


Rod Cruce is an Entrepreneur, Business Leader and Coach who specializes in developing high-performing teams through adverse and unpredictable situations. He spent 21 years in the United States Army, 18 as a Special Forces Green Beret, where he conducted missions throughout the world in numerous countries including, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

As a Special Forces Green Beret, he leveraged a unique skill set composed of leadership, strategy, and problem solving, which influences others to embrace change, and achieve successful outcomes. He has transitioned into the civilian sector and correlates his success to unique strands of DNA found within many Green Berets. This DNA incorporates a series of core values and cognitive skill set that produces adaptive leaders that win the hearts and minds of others and provide outstanding results during adversity and insurmountable odds

Over the past decade since leaving the military, he has started, bought, and sold several businesses within the Restoration & Construction, Defense, Leadership, Entertainment, and Operations & Maintenance Industries. He specializes in working with underperforming companies or those who want to increase their revenue, profitability, and optimize their operations. His current focus is Trifecta Growth Institute.

In his free time, he enjoys working out, engaging in competitive skydiving, skiing, and spending time with his family.